Asset Building Financial Inclusion Report

Savings Deposits, Incentive Structure, and Management Information Systems: Implications for Research on a Children and Youth Savings Account Policy Demonstration

For program administration and for policy purposes, savings data are fundamental to the Children and Youth Savings Account Policy Demonstration (CYSAPD). Whether or not the researchers also need the data, programs must track how much each participant has saved and how much is to be disbursed in matching funds. Of particular relevance for the administration and evaluation of the American Dream Demonstration (ADD) of Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) was the development of MIS IDA, a management information system designed by the Center for Social Development. Yet, for CYSAPD, a tracking system other than MIS IDA may be the best choice. ADD suggests that programs sometimes have difficulty tracking savings data, and another system may (1) be easier for programs to run (because they will be responsible for less tracking); (2) show how a program could be run by institutions capable of running a national policy. This paper contrasts the differences between ADD and the proposal for CYSAPD regarding savings deposits, incentive structure, and management information systems.

Project: SEED National Initiative