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Perspective From the Left: Childrens Savings Accounts, Mobility, and Inequality

Recent work by Michael Sherraden and others in the field have stressed the need for more ambitious asset-based intiatives, particularly Child Development Accounts (CDAs). One of their arguments is that CDA’s may be a direct and effective way to diminish intergenerational transmission of poverty. This is exceptionally important now, as the American economy has gotten more immobile over time. This paper will focus on this goal and discuss the potential strengths and weaknesses of CDAs in this regard, especially relative to other alternatives.

Project: College Success


Bernstein, J. (2010). Perspective from the left: Children’s saving accounts, mobility, and inequality. Children & Youth Services Review, 32(11), 1597–1600. doi:10.1016/j.childyouth.2010.04.003