Asset Building Financial Inclusion Report

The Basic Economic Security Tables for the United States

The Basic Economic Security Tables Index (BEST) is a measure of the basic needs and assets workers require for economic security throughout a lifetime and across generations. The BEST addresses the several pieces of the larger basic economic security picture—basic needs, savings and employment-based benefits—and allows a broad and complete view of worker needs and families’ prospects for achieving the economic security so critical to their futures and to their communities. BEST values have been calculated for the United States to assist policymakers, researchers, advocates and media who assess the status of the nation’s workers, the needs of America’s families, and the state of the nation—today and in coming years. This index is a starting point for workers who want to achieve financial stability, and for policymakers and service providers to help workers build security.

Project: Economic Security Measure


Wider Opportunities for Women & Center for Social Development. (2010). The Basic Economic Security Tables for the United States [Report]. Washington, DC: Author.