New national children’s account policy taking shape

Li Zou has given many presentations on Child Development Accounts (CDAs) in other countries, but this one was different.

The international director for the Center for Social Development (CSD) was at the World Bank to deliver invited remarks on the bank’s plan to evolve its mission and operations. The bank’s roadmap affirms commitments to poverty reduction and shared prosperity while calling for changes to better meet global challenges.

At the bank’s April 11 Evolution Forum, Zou sketched a strategy for meeting all three of those goals, a strategy for developing a global CDA policy based on research by the Center for Social Development.

The Effectiveness of Financial Capability and Asset Building Interventions in Improving Youth’s Educational Well-Being: A Systematic Review

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Linkage Fees: A Vehicle for Financing Affordable Housing

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Advancing Racial Equity Through Community Land Trusts

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Zoning: Issues and Reform

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Experts discuss why, how social workers change policy

Social policy is a part of social work at almost every turn, yet many of the insights from the profession never find their way into the programs and rules that govern social workers’ efforts. What prompts helping professionals to take up policy work, and which strategies are most effective for influencing policy? Social workers and scholars around the world gathered virtually to discuss these subjects at Social Work in Social Policy: Engagement Strategies for Today and the Next Generation—A Book Event.

Audience of over 2.65 million for keynotes on financial social work

On June 29, Faculty Directors Jin Huang and Minchao Jin delivered keynote addresses at the 2022 Financial Literacy Education Forum in mainland China. Carried by state news agency Xinhua, Sina Weibo, Youku, and numerous other platforms, the event drew an audience of over 2.65 million viewers.

Child Development Accounts Reach Over 15 Million Globally

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Financial Facts: SEED OK Child Development Accounts at Age 14

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Senator, national experts discuss strategies for economic security

Policies to strengthen vulnerable families typically focus either on boosting income for present needs or assets for future priorities. A recent event spotlighted policies to integrate the two approaches for vulnerable families – as we already do for other families.

Economic Security From an Asset Perspective

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Journal spotlights research to improve financial well-being in vulnerable families

How can vulnerable families overcome barriers to financial security, and what has made it difficult for them to do so? New research in a special issue of Families in Society seeks answers to those questions. Guest edited by Jin Huang, Margaret Sherraden, Jenny L. Jones, and Christine Callahan, the collection developed from papers presented during […]

Building Financial Capability and Assets in America’s Families

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Policy Design for Child Development Accounts: Parents’ Perceptions

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Top social workers in China call for curriculum changes, financial capability

How does a nation train over a million social workers to help build the financial capability and assets of their clients? What should social workers in China know about finance, and what is the best way to teach them? Weighing these matters, researchers and several of China’s top social workers proposed changes at the First […]

Preparing Social Workers to Improve People’s Finances

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Social Responses to a Changing Environment

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