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School Banking as a Strategy for Strengthening Youth Economic Participation in Developing Countries: Lessons From YouthSave

2This report provides findings from YouthSave, an initiative to investigate the potential of savings accounts as tools for youth development and financial inclusion in developing countries. This study examines how schools can serve as settings for financial education and financial services, increasing youth economic participation. Results from Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, and Nepal show an increase in youth savings-account uptake when financial institutions provide opportunities at schools for youth to receive financial education, open savings accounts, and make deposits.

Project: YouthSave


Johnson, L., Lee, Y., Njenga, G., Kieyah, J., Osei-Akoto, I., Rodriguez, C. O., … Zou, L. (2018). School banking as a strategy for strengthening youth economic participation in developing countries: Lessons from YouthSave. Global Social Welfare, 5(4). 265–275. doi:10.1007/s40609-017-0109-1