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Taking Child Development Accounts to Scale: Ten Key Policy Design Elements

The United States subsidizes asset accumulation for middle- and especially high-income families through the federal income tax system. Low-income families are much less likely than high-income families to benefit from these policies. The vision for Child Development Accounts (CDAs) has been for a universal and progressive policy aimed at long-term asset building for all. Bringing CDAs to scale nationwide in a sustainable manner will require a national policy structure, so that all children can build assets. This brief aims to advance universal and progressive CDAs by identifying 10 key design elements that can be implemented and sustained at scale.

Projects: College Success: Increasing Access Through Inclusion in 529 Savings Plans; SEED for Oklahoma Kids


Sherraden, M., Clancy, M., & Beverly, S. (2018, February). Taking Child Development Accounts to scale: Ten key policy design elements (CSD Policy Brief No. 18-08). St. Louis, MO: Washington University, Center for Social Development.