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Impacts of Child Development Accounts on Parenting Practices: Evidence from a Randomised Statewide Experiment

Is it possible to influence parenting by introducing Child Development Accounts into a family? This study presents results from a statewide randomized experiment with 2,704 primary caregivers and their children in Oklahoma. Analyses using structural equation modeling suggest that the presence of Child Development Accounts in a home significantly reduces punitive practices.

This article was published as part of “Inclusive Child Development Accounts: Toward Universality and Progressivity,” a special issue of the Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and Development. The issue builds upon contributions to the International Symposium on Inclusion in Asset Building: Policy Innovation and Social Impacts, which was convened at the National University of Singapore in 2017.

Project: SEED for Oklahoma Kids


Huang, J.,  Nam, Y., Sherraden, M., Clancy, M. M.  (2019). Impacts of child development accounts on parenting practices: evidence from a randomised statewide experiment. Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and Development, 29(1), 34–47. doi:10.1080/02185385.2019.1575270