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Segregation and a Path Forward to Inclusion in St. Louis

In this nuanced Perspective, Henry (Hank) Webber, coeditor of Facing Segregation, makes the case that segregation’s policy remedies depend upon engaged, effective politics. Affirming that residential and economic exclusion weighs heavily upon the St. Louis region’s ability to foster economic development, Webber suggests key elements of a messaging strategy to move public opinion toward equitable policy. Segregation and a Path Forward to Inclusion in St. Louis is adapted from an address given during Facing Segregation: Building Strategies in Every Neighborhood, the 2019 annual conference of the Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing and Opportunity Council, on April 12, 2019, at Central Baptist Church, St. Louis, Missouri. This Perspective is presented here through a partnership between the Center for Social Development and the council.

Project: Inclusive Housing


Webber, H. S. (2019, May). Segregation and a path forward to inclusion in St. Louis (CSD Perspective No. 19-25). St. Louis, MO: Washington University, Center for Social Development.