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Policy, Practice, and Institutional Barriers to Financial Capability and Asset Building Related to Race (Racism) in the United States

Race is woven into the American social fabric, and attitudes toward it shape the ways in which society responds to people with financial challenges. This chapter examines the economics of race, the role of race in financial inclusion, and the effect of race on access to financial institutions. The chapter also discusses initiatives designed to broaden financial inclusion through financial capability and asset building.

Project: Financial Capability & Asset Building (FCAB)


Jones, J. L., Birkenmaier, J., Johnson, L., McClendon, G. G., Nam, Y., Huang, J., & Onifade, E. (2023). Policy, practice, and institutional barriers to financial capability and asset building related to race (racism) in the United States. In M. L. Teasley, M. S. Spencer, & M. Bartholomew (Eds.), Social work and the Grand Challenge of Ending Racism: Concepts, theory, and evidence based approaches (Chap. 21). Oxford University Press.