Students who experience violence/abuse have lower GPAs than those who do not. Read more.
Most economic well-being measures ignore long-term priorities like saving for retirement and children's college education. Read more.
SEED for Oklahoma Kids is the first experiment examining the impact of CDAs on parental educational expectations for young children. Read more.
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United Way of Greater St. Louis and Emerson are creating an Individual Development Account (IDA) program for families in north St. Louis County, United Way announced June 28. The program is part of an effort to improve the financial stability of low-income families in the St. Louis region.​

​The Smart Decarceration Initiative (SDI) has launched a two-year research project to advance “deferred prosecution” programs, thanks to funding from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation​. 

​​​The United States should create opportunities for young people to “develop the habit of service,” retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal said at a national forum in June at the Brookings Institution. “[N]othing is quite so powerful as taking a chunk of your life and dedicating it full time to service to others.”

Leaders from the Center for Social Development (CSD) formally advised the Israeli government in May on best practices for implementing the country’s new law to confer universal savings accounts on children born in Israel. ​

CSD Director Michael Sherraden was awarded an honorary doctorate in philosophy in May at Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJ), among the great universities in the world. 

More than 100 people converged on Hillman Hall, at Washington University in St. Louis’ Brown School, for Influencing Social Policy’s teaching institute and 2016 national conference.