Students who experience violence/abuse have lower GPAs than those who do not. Read more.
Most economic well-being measures ignore long-term priorities like saving for retirement and children's college education. Read more.
SEED for Oklahoma Kids is the first experiment examining the impact of CDAs on parental educational expectations for young children. Read more.
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​Are you a dream hoarder? If you’re in the “favored fifth” of income distribution, the top 20 percent, you may be, says author and scholar Richard V. Reeves.

​Michael Sherraden will deliver the keynote address at a Grand Challenges for Social Work event on October 25 at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work.

​Sheretta Butler-Barnes and and Odis Johnson have received a National Science Foundation grant to examine the impact of race, gender and social control in U.S. schools on educational and occupational attainment in STEM careers.

We are grateful to the International Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability for highlighting our Environment and Social Development initiative with a powerful poster.

Students, faculty and staff  crowded into Brown Hall to hear Professor Sheying Chen deliver the lecture “Building Social Work in China.”

​HomeGrown STL Director Sean Joe and St. Louis American Managing Editor Chris King have teamed up to produce a yearlong series called “Homegrown Black Males” to change the narrative for local black teens and men.

​​We are happy to share the news that Shenyang Guo has received the Brown School’s 2018 Distinguished Faculty Award.