Asset Building Financial Inclusion Report

Assessing Asset Data on Low-Income Households

This report, Assessing Asset Data on Low-Income Households: Current Availability and Options for Improvement, identifies the most reliable and informative data sources for understanding low-income households’ assets and liabilities, details their limitations, and provides options for improving asset data sources and collection methods. In doing so, the report provides a framework for refining the primary sources of data necessary to pursuing future research in the assets field.

Project: Poor Finances: Assets and Low-Income Households


Ratcliffe, C., Chen, H., Williams Shanks, T. R., Nam, Y., Schreiner, M., Zhan, M., & Sherraden, M. (2007). Assessing asset data on low-income households: Current availability and options for improvement (Report in the series Poor Finances: Assets and Low-Income Households). Washington, DC: Urban Institute, Washington University Center for Social Development, and New America Foundation.