Asset Building Financial Inclusion Report

Determinants of Asset Building

Poor Finances: Assets and Low-Income Households is a series of reports on poverty, asset building, and social policy. The purpose of the series is to assess the nascent state of knowledge and policy development and to synthesize recent progress in these areas. This report in the series, “Determinants of Asset Building,” provides a policy-oriented conceptual framework that has the potential to explain saving and asset accumulation across the entire population and to account for the low levels of saving and asset accumulation in the low income population. The report also reviews empirical evidence that supports or challenges this framework.

Project: Poor Finances: Assets and Low-Income Households


Beverly, S. G., Sherraden, M., Zhan, M., Williams Shanks, T. R., Nam, Y., & Cramer, R. (2008). Determinants of asset building (Report in the series Poor Finances: Assets and Low-Income Households). Washington, DC: Urban Institute, Washington University Center for Social Development, and New America Foundation.