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Financial Facts from the SEED for Oklahoma Kids Child Development Account Experiment

How does a Child Development Account (CDA) opened at a child’s birth shape their access to assets for higher education?

This Fact Sheet highlights findings from Financial Outcomes in a Child Development Account Experiment: Full Inclusion, Success Regardless of Race or Income, and Investment Growth for All (CSD Research Summary 21-06). Products of the SEED for Oklahoma Kids (SEED OK) experiment, both the Fact Sheet and the Research Summary indicate that the automatic CDA in SEED OK greatly increases the likelihood that disadvantaged children have assets for their future education. When given a CDA structure and support for accumulating assets, all racial groups build assets. The statistically significant CDA effects do not vary by race. Evidence featured in this Fact Sheet suggests the role of policy structure in strategies for broadening financial inclusion and access to higher education.

Project: SEED for Oklahoma  Kids (SEED OK)


Center for Social Development. (2021, December). Financial facts from the SEED for Oklahoma Kids Child Development Account experiment (CSD Fact Sheet No 21-42). Washington University, Center for Social Development.