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Building Financial Knowledge Is Not Enough: Financial Self-Efficacy as a Mediator in the Financial Capability of Low-Income Families

This article was published in the Journal of Community Practice’s special issue on Financial Capability and Asset Building and was originally presented during the April 2015 conference, Financial Capability and Asset Building: Advancing Education, Research, and Practice in Social Work. The conference was hosted by the Center for Social Development at Washington University in St. Louis and the Financial Social Work Initiative at the University of Maryland School of Social Work.

Project: Financial Capability & Asset Building


Rothwell, D. W., Khan, M. N., & Cherney, K. (2016). Building financial knowledge is not enough: Financial self-efficacy as a mediator in the financial capability of low-income families. Journal of Community Practice, 24(4), 368–388. doi:10.1080/10705422.2016.1233162