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Foreword to Facing Segregation: Housing Policy Solutions for a Stronger Society

Segregation is America’s most fundamental social problem. Many other challenges—in education, employment, public services, transportation, health, crime, and civic engagement—are exacerbated by racial and class segregation. The empirical outcome is predictable and shameful. Segregation leads to diminished lives, lost potential, and a weakened nation, yet it continues year after year. In this foreword to Facing Segregation, Michael Sherraden calls for housing policies that go beyond freedom of choice at the individual level to express the social value of integration by class and race. He also notes the consequences of failure to alter the current trajectory and commends the book’s efforts to identify solutions that will lead to inclusive housing.

Project: Inclusive Housing; Livable Lives initiative


Sherraden, M. (2018). Foreword. In M. W. Metzger  &  H. S. Webber (Eds.), Facing segregation: Housing policy solutions for a stronger society (pp. ix–xi). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.