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Toward Finance as a Public Good

Financial inclusion is a prerequisite for the financial stability of families and for successful economies, but common conceptualizations of it have not adequately accounted for the financialization of modern life or for the influence of social policy, which increasingly delivers public benefits through financial services. This study proposes a broader conceptualization of financial inclusion, finding support for this new understanding in results from analyses of data from the 2016 National Financial Well-Being Survey and from a case study of Child Development Accounts.

Support for this publication comes from the Kauffman Foundation (Grant No. 201806-4478).

Project: Financial Capability & Asset Building (FCAB)


Huang, J., Sherraden, M. S., Sherraden, M. (2021). Toward finance as a public good (CSD Working Paper No. 21-03). Washington University, Center for Social Development. https://doi.org/10.7936/p8dd-p256